me wearing the LITTLE BLACK DRESS

LITTLE BLACK DRESS bracelet and gold clutch

LITTLE BLACK DRESS sandals close upLITTLE BLACK DRESS or more exactly, the LBD. Let’s talk about women’s’ fashionable best friend – the LBD.


The trendy black dress is the ultimate timeless essential in every woman’s closet. Versatile, elegant and perfectly stylish whatever the occasion. Every woman must have one. In my case, i own a lot of these. Although i already bought some, i never get enough. I still continue searching for more. Classic ones, body cons, baby dolls, i have it all. The real question is: what makes this wardrobe classic stand the test of time? I have been asking my self that question for years. To tell you the truth, i still don’t know the answer and neither do you. The thing is, a classic LBD won’t go out of fashion. It will take you from decade to decade. Today, any shape or style will solve your last minute dilemma. The one fashion bf that will always save the day (or night).

Anyway, related to the outfit below: i bought this dress with my friend while we were shopping. I decided to wear it on my photo shoot to create a more dramatic presents. I love her elegant style. The perfect combination of  3 colours: black red and gold. By the way, i heard gold colour will be very trendy this year, i also saw these colours a lot on my last visit in Italy.

I also love jewellery so i added my Aldo’s bracelet :-)

Here are some styling tips for this look: 
You can boost your outfit wearing pops of and chunky jewelry.
Wear a bright blazer.
To get your perfect party outfit, rock it with extra bling.
In case you are wearing a baby doll dress, use flat sandals for a smart daytime look.

I’m wearing:

Dress by Forever21

Clutch, bracelet and sandals by Aldo


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