MAKEUP SECRETS the official guide.

Always wanted to do your own make up in a professional way but still didn’t reach the expected results? i know how it feel and can identify with you. to tell you the truth, i didn’t know how to do my own make up and always used a professional make up artist.

Last week I decided I have had enough and went to YouTube to study this issue. Turns out it’s really simple, after three attempts, i succeed. If I can do it, so can you. Keep reading and discover my MAKEUP SECRETS.


Here is my professional make up technique, shading and illumination. Equipment needed:

Three brushes in different sizes:

1.Large powder brush

2. Medium brush for applying make up

3. A small brush for spreading in more sensitive areas around the eyes and on the sides of the nose

4. Mac’s dark make up

5. Bright make up of Clarins

6. Bright Concealer of Clarins.

7. An enlightenment pen.

8. Eyebrows painter.

9. Powder

10. Bronzer

11. Black eye liner or nude color.

12. Mascara

13. Ruby

14. Blush


First we’ll use two types of make up:
1.The bright one of Clarins for the structure enlightenment.
2.The dark Mac make up for shading.

Let’s start with the shading areas:
1.The forehead sides
3.Side of the jaw and the chin
4.The nose sides and then go up to the top area of ​​the eye and shade it too.

Use the streak shading area between eye eyebrow.
Before using the luminescence marker, apply a little concealer under each eye to blur signs of fatigue and depressions.
Now lets move to the illumination areas using the bright make up.

Draw a vertical line in the middle of your nose to the center of the tension.

Now we draw two triangles – pass under each eye and stretched a line on each side to the center of the cheek.

Add a luminescence center point on the chin below the rim, another enlightenment points above the upper lip and an oblique illumination strip under the lower lip.
After we finished drawing we will start consolidating the two colours of foundation gently.

Start shading in the chin and go up to the facial care center.

Attaching you a drawing illustration:

MAKEUP SECRETS shades and illuminations drawing
Who falls afoul this method can first make up any interior with the bright make up and then add shading according to what’s marked in the drawing.
After we fled make up in the inside T zones (forehead , nose, cheeks, chin).
You can add the bronzer on the cheekbones drawing a diagonal line from the ear down.



For those who like it, you can add blush, smile and brush the sides of the face in the middle.
To highlight the face frame use the eyebrows painter. Add black eye liner/nude colour for those who love it. I personally use this nude colour which illuminates the bottom of the eye.
For the final touch end with mascara and lipstick or a matte lipstick.
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