‏CHANGING SEASONS your beyond season clothing. When it’s time of changing seasons, we can feel it all around us. If it’s in the air something different going on, even people looks different. That’s exactly how i feel when i need to change not just clothes style but change the meaning of what i want to say.


When i wear those clothes it can show my mood, my feeling, even how the fabric feels on my skin. It’s time for a change and this time i want to change the style to become my own personal style that actually says it’s michal style.

I love the red colour. It is kind of reflections of a lot of things: fire, love, passion and kind of saying: “here i am!”. Just like in the spring time when all the flowers are blooming all the colours are matching together to a beautiful texture that open your eyes to a brand new day, new start, new beginning. Changing clothes is actually changing the atmosphere of all the feelings inside my heart, to be someone else, to be another me.

I’m wearing a mix of a classic red jacket with a lurex Gray top. This combination makes this outfit look more ‘chic’ adding a pair of skinny jeans with red high heels. Looks like your perfect lunch date outfit, don’t you think?



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