Going wild

Going wild cover picture

Going wild wearing my exotic new look. Tel Aviv city means craziness. A city that never sleeps (sounds like i’m talking about New York). Although i adore this city and wouldn’t change it for any other in Israel, it could be very noisy, jammed and with bustling atmosphere sometimes.  There comes a time when you want to escape from all the urban stress and pressure into your own private space. Imagining you are in an exotic island far away from home where no one can find you, escaping your daily routine and getting into the wild…

Going wild midshot pose

Going wild

Going wild, feel the freedom, the exotic vibes. Wearing this look makes you feel that way. The beautiful combination of an ethnic velvet top and a denim jeans with a pair of fringed sandals creates a tropical mood. With all these warm colours, leaves and flowers, it feels like you are in Mexico. Enjoying a Latin party allowing your self to be free of everything.  So what are you waiting for? go and have some fun, do the stuff that you really love and makes you feel good, makes you feel happy and free… Meanwhile, i’m going to unpack my stuff. Just came back from Miami a few days ago. Don’t forget to check all my updates on my instagram account.



Going wild walking pose long shot

Going wild wild hair pose


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  1. Oh my gosh, that top !!! I’m going wild here. It’s so beautiful and I love the colours. Definalty something for me to wear. Looks good on the jeans too. I want one ! Great look !

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