These boots are made for walking…

These boots are made for walking...

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All of us are aware that fashion is associated with the movie industry, which includes stars, influential people who are entertainers, and the media that help those fashion trends to be exposed. Looking at those famous people shining on the magazines, movies or YouTube channel with their perfect appearance from head to toe – really make each want to take an action to resemble trend. And as we know, style comes within a story – inspired by our lifestyle, like the place we live in, the music we listen to, the movies we watch – thus my outfit tend to reflect on the way I live and my preferences etc…
These boots are made for walking... walking pose
These boots are made for walking... mid shoot

These boots are made for walking... standing pose

Inspiration. When we are inspired by somebody’s style – we tend to resemble it without copying all the details and stay loyal to our style rather than chasing after trend. Thus, my outfit includes a black plain top, ripped denim shorts, oversized leather jacket, the basic item which is fedora hat and a pair of black high knee boots, as I can’t imagine myself wearing this outfit with neon color boots as Jessica Simpson did in her movie.
These boots are made for walking... between flowers

Due to the casual appearance, this outfit is perfect for moves, as the jacket is oversized, combining with the soft material on the high knee boots that makes a perfect combo for a city look.
These boots are made for walking... fearless pose

Outfit details:

Black leather jacket – Agaci,
Black top – Forever 21.
Short ripped jean
Black suede boots- Agaci,
Black fedora hat- Forever21

Do you like my ‘country music singer’ look? :-)




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