Metallic – the fabric calls Lame was first discovered in 1930. The actual trend has become popular since 1970 when disco fashion was invented. With such a catchy look, this trend presents itself as glimmer gold, shiny silver and bold bronzes. Metallic’s fashion has soon appeared on various Fall/Winter Ready-To-Wear fashion runways such as on Balmain, Valentine Yudashkin, Gucci Resort, and Antonio Marras Shows at the beginning of 2014. A lot of Hollywood stars were applying metallic’s trend for the Red Carpet, as All-eye-on-you evening gown. Naomi Watts, Kate Beckinsale and Olivia Wilde were only a few of the many celebrities that chose metallics for the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Even now, metallic is back in 2017 to conquer the summer.

ROCK GLAM looking down

In this look, I decided to experience with metallic trend, as I wanted to be on the spotlight while wandering around the streets. The color of metallic itself will reflect on the sunny weather, creating that glimmer touch that would capture attention. I simply mixed a pair of golden metallic pants and a funky black flirting top. To add that rock-glam touch, I put on a golden stud chocker to balance the outfit and define my neckline.

ROCK GLAM motocycle shot

Fashion Tip: When you choose to wear a metallic item, it’s recommended to refine the look, using neutral colors to make the whole outfit look effortless.

ROCK GLAM window shot

ROCK GLAM wavy hair

ROCK GLAM standing pose

ROCK GLAM looking a side



One thought on “ROCK GLAM

  1. I just love the outfit. Especially the golden pants. I have some myself. Feel so good in them. You look stunning in the outfit. Love the shirt on it as well. Very beautiful ! Well done !

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