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Summer is on its way – which means that it’s time for thinking about hiding the heavy winter clothes and pack away dark colors to have more rooms for brighter shades. This is one of the most favorites time of the year, as most people are having vacations whether it’s a short one or a long one. As one of the hottest seasons in a year, it is unavoidable to dress in All-I-Want outfit as people can get sweat easily – thus damaging their clothes. That’s one of the reasons why many women are struggling with going on romantic dates in the summer time. Everybody wants to look beautiful – yet weather is one of the fashion enemies, so how do we dress elegantly, while not feeling sweaty during the summer time?

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1. Details are one of the things that can turn any boring outfit into a fashionable one. As for the summer time, having a lot of layers would be comparable to feeling stuffy. By having details in an outfit such as the use of textile or pattern– can make a huge difference and upgrade the entire appearance.
Casual Romance flowers and pearls

2. Summer does not get along with dark color. You have probably heard of this rule before. That’s because dark colors absorb the heat faster than light colors. When thinking about spring and summer, people tend to have association with joy and happiness – which is why I choose to wear beige color that is identical to peach color to draw attention to the blushes on my cheeks. This indeed has made me look younger, yet feminine.

Casual Romance upper angel

Casual Romance wavy hair

3. Being feminine does not mean that you should miss all the fun by acting like a lady all the time. Women can have fun too, and going to a date does not always mean going to a restaurant. Most couples like to spend time walking in the park – therefore one of the solutions can be wearing a pair of shorts under the dress. This will allow movements and comforts, breaking all restrictions such as running or walking fast.

Casual Romance walking pose

  1. Nude color and pointed-toe shoes have a power to elongate legs.
    Important tip: whenever you are wearing a portability shade at the very top, it’s important to put a lipstick or accessory like the glasses to add a little contrast and prevent a pale appearance.

    Used items


A pair of retro sunglasses, decorated with stones in natural shades of NYC NORA

Flat nude shoes in the shape of a nipple-boat, suitable to the top’s color.

Casual Romance nude flat shoes

Romantic Chic Outfit:
I’m wearing a tunic in a tank top shape. The powder top is made of a soft net yarn details, decorated with flowers and pearls – replacing the layers that turn this outfit into a playful romantic style with slightly a vintage touch.


The tunic is combined with white cotton shorts that suits the soft shade of the top and creates a total summer look, romantic and chic alike.

Do you like my spring style? :-)


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