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In 1980, fashion was considered to be elegant, with a contrast of looking manly, which calls tomboy today. People were wearing tailored suits with shoulder pads to show the elevation of their upper area, making it look stronger and masculine. This period of time portrayed those who like to express themselves by wearing neon and other bright colors – showing bold and funky image.

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Nowadays fashion has changed a lot since 1980’s, but the main purpose of expressing oneself with freedom in movement and showing personality is never going to fade. There are a lot of different styles out there, allowing people to choose from, such as: casual, elegant, rock, street-wear and many others. People are mixing those styles based on events that they are attending or a specific occasion; however casual style is one of the most common styles for everyday life.

80's fashion rockish top

80's fashion wavy hair
Casual style is special in a way that it accumulates all other styles together, which means that mixing a street-wear style with rock and elegant styles should not be a problem. Other benefits are feeling comfortable all the time.

My look: Bandanas, jeans, a rockish top, sneakers.

80's fashion close up

1. Bandana: its history dates back to 1776 when it was first released with a political purpose. The first bandana was used by people to show their supports towards their political choices. Due to its significance during the World War I – II, industrialization started which aimed to produce more bandanas for propagandas.  Soldiers who went for wars receive cotton bandanas for luck from their lovers – which makes this item meaningful, by showing an expression of people’s choices.

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2. Jeans: Behind ripped jeans is hidden a story from hardworking people that dig grounds for gold. At first this item was bought by workers, due to its strength when interacting with water, stretch and chemical substances. Jeans were lasting for years which benefited workers, however if to wear it for a long period of time – it will create tears and rips. Denim is associated to street-wear, youth culture, and rebellion, rock music during the 1960’s. Today, almost everyone has this item in their closet, as it’s easy to mix jeans with any item.

80's fashion looking a side

3. Rockish Top: One of the items that get along well with jeans. This item strongly shows who the wearer is, because of the print. People can either buy this kind of top in the stores, or order the ones with their own image ready to print.

80's fashion lean back pose

4. Sneakers: Sneakers was associated to all of the styles, except elegant and classic. By mixing sneakers with bandana, I wanted to give a message that “confidence is the key to looking beautiful” – while confidence is a pair of sneakers, as shoes is one of the items that walks you to your path with comforts, beauty is the bandana itself as it allowed people to express their choices. Being able to walk with confidence and know the right choices is what makes people success.

So, do you like my 80’s look?




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