About me:
My name is Michal Harel; I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1986. Since I was young, I used to follow celebrities news. Specifically I loved to observe what each celebrity wears and how they mix clothes and accessories to complete their stunning final appearance in front of the public. Besides that, I was so curious about the modelling world and used to watch fashion channels in order to get inspired. I even thought about how to fit into the world of fashion.

Realization of fashion blog:

About 2 years ago I posted some pictures on twitter, and then noticed a good looking Italian model. With my curiosity, I got to his profile and turned out he is one of the most famous fashion bloggers in Italy. I started to follow his lifestyle by reading his blog – which made me realize of who I am. Thanks to him (Gian Maria Sainato) I got inspired and got the courage to open my own fashion blog where I can share my lifestyle experience to fashion enthusiastic like me.

The balance:
Growing up, I ended up working at an investment house, because people tend to think of fashion as if it’s not a serious job compared to business, economy and data science. Prior to that, I studied fund department, and become a data mining analyst. Though, my current job seems completely reverse from what I used to like – I decided to combine my strengths and passion and put this effort into my blog.

My beliefs:

Although I come from a financial world, I have always been a fashion enthusiastic. For me, fashion and style is a way people can express themselves. As famous Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe once said: “Style is a way to express yourself without having to speak.” Indeed, styling is a wide world in which you have the ability to mix and match endless combination of looks, wearing different styles, and combine accessories based on who you are – that is to make choices for yourself and inspire others. It’s a fascinating world where innovation is not limited.

With that’s being in mind, I created this blog to inspire like minded people who follow fashion as the way to express themselves, through various outfits and learn how to quickly upgrade the appearance.